Yogo Magpie

Thanks for stopping by! This site is still in its early stages of construction. I want this place to be a mix between a portfolio and personal site, where I can share both my artwork and silly interests. You can keep up with what I'm working on in the changelog.

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A painting of a fox surrounded by marigolds and forget-me-nots.

Remembering Those Who Don't Remember Me
acrylic gouache, 3x5 inches


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August 19, 2023: New gallery! Take a look at these cats!

August 12, 2023: The first batch of art has been uploaded! Check them out in the Fox Gallery!

August 7, 2023: Finally, the first garden post, about fountain pens, is live!

July 30, 2023: There is now stuff on the digi garden page! Not much to see yet, but the first posts will be written soon!

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drawing of a magpie